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    Hailey's work has been published both locally and nationally in print publications such as Real Maine Weddings, Maine Magazine, and First for Women, and on sites such as Style Me Pretty.

Downeast-Maine-wedding-0001Originally, Mekaela and Greg planned to get married in Acadia National Park. Mekaela had never been to Maine before, but they knew they wanted a picturesque location. However, after seeing Greg’s family home in Ellsworth, they decided to have the ceremony right there. It had a lot more meaning for Greg, and I think it really added something to the day. So, I joined Mekaela, Greg, and a small group of friends and family on a Thursday afternoon in Ellsworth, Maine.

Mekaela really wanted to do as much as they could themselves, and it definitely paid off. Wait until you see the gorgeous arbor they made! Also, did you see her dress above? I wanted to steal it, and get married all over again!

Downeast-Maine-wedding-0002Downeast-Maine-wedding-0003Downeast-Maine-wedding-0004Downeast-Maine-wedding-0005Downeast-Maine-wedding-0006Downeast-Maine-wedding-0007Downeast-Maine-wedding-0008Downeast-Maine-wedding-0009Downeast-Maine-wedding-0010Downeast-Maine-wedding-0011Downeast-Maine-wedding-0012Downeast-Maine-wedding-0013Downeast-Maine-wedding-0014Downeast-Maine-wedding-0015Downeast-Maine-wedding-0016Downeast-Maine-wedding-0017Downeast-Maine-wedding-0018After a toast, and a lot of hugs, it was time for some portraits. The thing I love about small weddings is that there isn’t a strict schedule to stick to. Guests sipped champagne and mingled, and I had over an hour with Mekaela and Greg for portraits. Yay! We were able to wander all over the property.Downeast-Maine-wedding-0019Downeast-Maine-wedding-0020Downeast-Maine-wedding-0021Downeast-Maine-wedding-0022Downeast-Maine-wedding-0023Downeast-Maine-wedding-0024Downeast-Maine-wedding-0025Downeast-Maine-wedding-0026Mekaela is the cutest. She had us all laughing over and over.
Downeast-Maine-wedding-0027Downeast-Maine-wedding-0028Downeast-Maine-wedding-0029Downeast-Maine-wedding-0030Downeast-Maine-wedding-0031Downeast-Maine-wedding-0032Downeast-Maine-wedding-0033After portraits, Mekaela, Greg, and their guests headed to dinner in Bar Harbor, and I headed home with a huge smile on my face. Thank you both!

Officiant: Adam Babbitt, MDI weddings

Photography: Hailey Crabtree

Bouquets and Boutonnières: Cottage Flowers

Hair & Makeup: The bride

Wedding Dress: China

Bridesmaid Dress and Suits: David’s Bridal

Arbor and Décor: Bride, Groom, Friends, and Family


Joel and I met up with Danielle and Jason at the riverwalk in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina for some portraits right as the sun was starting to set. Wilmington is such a pretty setting for photos. I loved the colorful buildings, palm trees, and the warm sunsets. It was so cool to see the city come to life in the evening, when everyone would come out to stroll the riverwalk, and grab dinner or drinks at one of the restaurants along the water.

Danielle is originally from Maine, but moved to Wilmington for work. That’s where she met Jason. I really enjoyed hearing her talk about how she’d grown up with Maine winters, and had to adjust to the southern humidity, while Jason’s experience was the opposite. Luckily, he only has to deal with the cold and snow when they come to visit Danielle’s friends and family in the winter.

Here are some of my favorites from our time with Danielle and Jason in Wilmington!Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0002

Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0003Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0004Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0005Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0006Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0007Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0008Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0009Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0020Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0011Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0012Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0013Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0014Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0015Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0016The Henrietta III passed by as we were finishing our session, and it was the perfect way to wrap things up!Couples-portrait-photography-in-Wilmington-North-Carolina-0016