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  • Hailey Tash Crabtree works exclusively with her husband, Joel, to provide a mixture of fun and intimate candid photographs and lightly-posed portraits that tell their clients' story authentically. Hailey and Joel also love showcasing the many different landscapes of Maine and New England.

    Hailey and Joel are located in Orrington, Maine (near Bangor), but happily travel throughout Maine, New England, and beyond.

    Hailey Tash Photography has been featured on Style Me Pretty, and in Seacoast Weddings, Maine Magazine, Real Maine Weddings, WellWed, and First for Women.

Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0001Joel and I “visited” Stonington once a couple of years ago. We drove through quickly on a cold winter day after exploring Deer Isle. I remembered that it was pretty, but we never got out of the car, so I didn’t realize how pretty it actually was. I added it to my list of places to go for a little personal project I’m working on that is all about exploring more of Maine, and invited my good friend, Krysta, to tag along. I’ve been doing this project alone for the most part (check out week one and week two!), but this one was a lot more fun. Thanks for tagging along, Krysta!

We started the day at 44 North Coffee, where we planned our adventure. It’s one of the cutest coffee shops I’ve ever been in. I even bought an adorable tote to take home with me!
Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0002Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0003Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0004Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0005Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0007Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0008Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0028A stop at Stonington Ice Cream Company was necessary.
Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0011Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0012Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0013Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0014Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0015Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0016Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0017Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0018Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0019Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0020Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0021Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0022Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0023Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0024Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0025Stonington-Maine-Photographer-0026I can’t wait to get back to Stonington. The view was incredible!

Prospect-Harbor-Lighthouse-Maine-0001For the past three or so years, I’ve said every summer, “this is the summer I get out and explore Maine more!” I’m incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful state. People travel from all over the world to vacation or have a destination wedding in Maine, and sometimes I take it for granted.

Last week, I was having a bit of a rough day and decided to grab my camera, drive 45 minutes, and wander around creating images in Belfast. It felt incredible. I don’t shoot for myself as much as I used to, and it was nice seeing what I could create with no schedule. I decided that I would explore a different area every week and document it on the blog. So, here’s week two!

Last Thursday, I explored Gouldsboro, Prospect Harbor, and Sorrento. I even took myself to lunch at a fun place called The Pickled Wrinkle. Yum!
Prospect-Harbor-Lighthouse-Maine-0002Prospect-Harbor-Maine-0001Prospect-Harbor-Maine-0002Sorrento-Maine-Photographer-0001Sorrento-Maine-Photographer-0002Sorrento-Maine-Photographer-0003Sorrento-Maine-Photographer-0004Sorrento-Maine-Photographer-0005Sorrento-Maine-Photographer-0006Sorrento-Maine-Photographer-0007If you have any suggestions for places to go, please leave a comment! :)