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Cooking with My Mom | Featured in Bangor Metro Magazine

Today I thought I’d share a different kind of feature. I was recently asked if I’d be interested in cooking alongside my mother for the April issue of Bangor Metro. It’s not every day that you get offered to do something so fun with your mom, so I was really excited! Growing up, my mother would always make us try new things at dinnertime. If we wrinkled our noses, and said, “ewwww! I don’t want to eat that! Can I have something else?” she’d respond, “this isn’t a restaurant. That’s what I made for dinner, so you can leave the table when you’re done eating it.” We thought it was the cruelest punishment at the time. I’m pretty sure I sat at the table for two or three hours more than once, but you know what? I ate it. Not only did I eat it, but I liked it! Years later, my mom, who already had degrees in broadcasting and journalism, decided to go to culinary school. She even worked as a chef at a restaurant in downtown Bangor before starting her own catering company.  Naturally, she got more and more creative with her cooking, and our palates grew and grew.

Now, I have such an appreciation for food! I am so thankful that I get to go out and eat new things on a regular basis.  I’m always experimenting with seafood and spicy ethnic food at home and I know that came from my mom. I also tend to stop in unannounced to see what she’s cooking (or mixing for spicy drinks!). Someday, I know I’ll raise my kids the same way. There will be no picky eaters around here! So, thanks, Mom! Here’s hoping that I’m as great a chef as you someday!

Bangor-Metro-Featured-PhotographerCheck out the article (and recipes!) here, or grab a copy on newsstands!

Our Southern Vacation: Part Two | Charleston South Carolina Photography

After three nights in Savannah, we made our way to Charleston, South Carolina. It’s only a two-hour drive, so we were really excited to be able to visit two historic cities in one vacation.

On our way, we decided to take a detour to Hilton Head, South Carolina for lunch. It’s a nice community that’s pretty well removed from the hustle and bustle. We enjoyed an outdoor lunch at The Salty Dog Cafe, listened to some live music and explored a bit before continuing on to Charleston.

Here are a couple of photos from Hilton Head…

Hilton-Head-South-Carolina-Photography-002Hilton-Head-South-Carolina-Photography-001Charleston was so beautiful! I loved the vibrant colors of the city and there were gas lanterns on almost every building lighting your way. It was incredible.

One of the first things we did in Charleston was explore a few plantations. We started at Magnolia Plantation, which is well-known for its gardens. Joel and I had quite the adventure there, when we got caught in the middle of a downpour!


Magnolia-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-002We came pretty close to several alligators while exploring the swamp.Magnolia-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-003Several times we ran into some gorgeous peacocks on the plantations.

Magnolia-Plantation-Charleston--South--Carolina--photographerMagnolia-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-005Magnolia-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-006Magnolia-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-007We explored Folly Beach and downtown Charleston more when the rain had stopped.

Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-001Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-002Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-003Rainbow Row is a famous stretch of colorful houses in Charleston.  I wouldn’t mind living in one of them someday!Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-004Joel took some photos of me in Charleston as well.


The next day, we visited Boone Hall Plantation, one of the area’s most famous plantations. Celebrities have married there and several movies have filmed there, including “The Notebook.”

Boone-Hall-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-002Boone-Hall-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-003Boone-Hall-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-004The oak lined driveway was spectacular.Boone-Hall-Plantation-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-005

On our last day, we woke at dawn to explore the city a bit more.

Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-011Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-012Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-014Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-013Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-016If you’re ever in Charleston, I highly recommend stopping at Black Tap Coffee for a lavender latte. It was delicious! Here’s a shot I snapped with my iPhone.Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-017Our hotel, Andrew Pinckney Inn, was adorable. I miss having breakfast out on their terrace…

Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-015After we checked out, we made our way to Middleton Place. It was what I had been most excited to see, so we saved it for last. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Middleton Place has the most amazing gardens, inspired by the classic English and European gardens from the 18th century. It also has lovely walking trails and stunning views of the Ashley River. One of my new dreams as a wedding photographer is to photograph a wedding at Middleton Place someday.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Middleton Place. It was so hard to narrow it down!

Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-001Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-002Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-003Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-004Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-005Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-006Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-007Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-008Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-009Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-010Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-011Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-012Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-013Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-014Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-015Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-016Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-017Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-018Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-019Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-020Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-021Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-022Piglets!Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-023This peacock has apparently been trying to catch the eye of a certain female peacock for a while now… He would spin around and around ever so slowly, as if he were in a pageant.Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-024Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-025A big thank you to the lovely man who offered to snap a photo of us together.Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-026Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-027Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-028Middleton-Place-Charleston-South-Carolina-Photography-029I miss the south so terribly, and can’t wait to return to both Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. I really hope to photograph weddings in both! ♥

I also shared some photos on Instagram under #crabtreesgosouthern. If you’re interested in seeing more of our trip, check them out!

Our Southern Vacation: Part One | Savannah Georgia Photography

Joel and I recently escaped to the south for a week. We were tired of the snow, and I’ve always felt a strong pull to the southern half of the country. Last year, I visited North Carolina and fell in love. This year, after several clients told me I had to take my camera and travel to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, we decided to rent a car and do both! We were incredibly lucky, and managed to fly out of Maine right as the snow began to fall for one of the biggest storms that Maine has had all year. We literally flew up through the clouds and saw it blustering everywhere up above!

Here’s the first shot I took during our trip of sunrise right before we landed in New York City…


We landed in Savannah on a gorgeous 75 degree day and since we had some time to kill, we took our rental car for a little drive to Tybee Island. We sat in the sand and had some fruity drinks on the beach. It was fantastic! The next few days were spent exploring downtown Savannah, which was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a week’s worth of festivities. We ate lots of fried green tomatoes and sat outside sampling local beer. We also headed out of the downtown area to explore Wormsloe Historic Site and the incredibly gorgeous Bonaventure Cemetery.

Three days were certainly not enough and I can’t wait to get back! Here are some photos I took of our time in Savannah…

Savannah-Georgia-Photography-002Savannah-Georgia-Photography-003Savannah-Georgia-Photography-004Savannah-Georgia-Photography-005Savannah-Georgia-Photography-006Savannah-Georgia-Photography-007Savannah-Georgia-Photography-008Savannah-Georgia-Photography-009Savannah-Georgia-Photography-010Savannah-Georgia-Photography-011Savannah-Georgia-Photography-012Savannah-Georgia-Photography-013Savannah-Georgia-Photography-014Savannah-Georgia-Photography-015I miss these trees so much! There was Spanish Moss everywhere you turned!Savannah-Georgia-Photography-016Savannah-Georgia-Photography-017Joel snapped some photos of me along the way.Savannah-Georgia-Photography-018Savannah-Georgia-Photography-019Savannah-Georgia-Photography-020Savannah-Georgia-Photography-021Savannah-Georgia-Photography-022Savannah-Georgia-Photography-023Savannah-Georgia-Photography-024Savannah-Georgia-Photography-025In a future life, I’d like to live in one of the mansions on Forsyth Park. It was my favorite spot in downtown Savannah.Savannah-Georgia-Photography-026Savannah-Georgia-Photography-027Savannah-Georgia-Photography-028For St. Patrick’s Day the city turned the fountain green. I loved how excited everyone was to celebrate!Savannah-Georgia-Photography-029And the last few shots as we drove to Charleston…Savannah-Georgia-Photography-030Savannah-Georgia-Photography-031Savannah-Georgia-Photography-032Savannah-Georgia-Photography-033Savannah-Georgia-Photography-034I can’t wait to get back to Georgia! Photos from our time in Charleston are next up on the blog, so stay tuned!

Central Maine Couples Photography | Elyse & Andrew

A few weeks back, Joel and I wandered around the University of Maine with our friends Andrew and Elyse. These two are such wonderful people and it was a blast having them in front of my camera. I wanted to shoot a little differently than I normally do and they were up for anything. Thanks, Elyse and Andrew!!! It was a pretty cold day on campus, but luckily we found some cool indoor locations to work with.

Here are some of my favorites!

Maine-couples-photography-01Maine-couples-photography-02Maine-couples-photography-03Maine-couples-photography-04Maine-couples-photography-05Maine-couples-photography-06Maine-couples-photography-07Maine-couples-photography-08Maine-couples-photography-09Maine-couples-photography-10We ended with a few outdoor snowy shots.Maine-couples-photography-11Maine-couples-photography-12Maine-couples-photography-13Maine-couples-photography-14