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    Hailey Tash Photography is Hailey and her husband, Joel, as her second photographer. Together, they bring a lot of creativity and smiles to your wedding day.

    Hailey Tash Photography is based in Orrington, Maine (that's right by Bangor!).

    Hailey and Joel happily travel throughout central, coastal, southern and midcoast Maine documenting the most amazing love stories. They are also available for weddings throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and beyond!

    Hailey's work has been published both locally and nationally in print publications such as Real Maine Weddings and Maine Magazine and on blogs such as Style Me Pretty.

Sometimes, when I’m going back through images for the sixth or seventh time, different ones jump out at me for different reasons. Maybe it’s my mood, maybe it’s the light, maybe it’s the way the groom is looking at his bride, or the way she’s laughing. There’s always something specific that makes a photo stick with me. Laura and Kyle’s wedding is next up on the blog, so naturally I’ve been looking through and preparing the blog post in my mind. This image is a favorite because of the simplicity. I love the soft light. It’s ethereal.

Portland-Maine-wedding (2)


Emily and Daniel planned a wonderful coastal Maine wedding while in the process of moving across the country. They chose Prospect Harbor because Daniel’s family has a beautiful summer home there and it was the perfect place. Emily’s family rented a home a few doors down and it was wonderful to be able to use both for photos.

I had so much fun with Emily and Daniel and their families. These two are so silly together that I could not stop laughing, especially during their portraits. Everyone made me feel like family and I was a little sad to leave at the end of the night.

Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0002Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0003Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0004Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0005Emily’s mother had collected this driftwood on the beach, so we made sure to incorporate it with the rings.Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0006Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0007It started pouring during Emily and Daniel’s first look, but the weather cleared up just in time for the ceremony. Hooray!Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0008Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0009We headed to nearby Winter Harbor for the ceremony at St. Christopher’s.Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0010Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0011Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0012Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0013Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0014Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0016Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0017The gentlemen represented Maine with their lobster socks.Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0018Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0019Emily’s mother made them a beautiful wedding quilt that was proudly displayed outside the reception tent.Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0020Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0021I loved the planters that served as centerpieces. There were actually supposed to be different centerpieces, but Emily found out the morning of the wedding that they wouldn’t make it on time, so she went outside and planted these with her family. How awesome is that?Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0022Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0023Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0059I loved these lobster table cloths. Also, the lemon blueberry cake that Emily’s mother made was delicious!Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0024Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0025During the reception, we strolled back to Daniel’s parent’s home for some portraits out on the rocks.Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0026Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0058Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0027Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0028Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0029Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0030Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0031Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0060

Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0033Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0034Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0061Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0038Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0036Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0037Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0062Coastal Maine weddings can be a little rocky, so I loved that Emily paired classic Frye ballet flats with her J.Crew wedding dress.  They were perfect for each other!Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0039Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0040Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0041Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0042Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0056Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0043Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0044Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0045Emily had her grandmother’s shawl with her throughout the day, so we decided to grab a family shot with her mom and grandmother.Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0046Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0047Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0048Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0055Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0049Then, there was a game of chase with some of the kids.Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0050Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0051Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0052Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0053Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0054And a little piece of my heart was left in Prospect Harbor…Prospect-Harbor-Maine-wedding-photographer-0057

Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

Getting Ready Location/Reception: The Lobster Lodge

Ceremony Location: St. Christopher’s by the Sea

Officiant: Father Drew Van Culin

Photography: Hailey Crabtree

Catering: Bar Harbor Catering Company

Ceremony Musicians: Tiffany Lu, Jacqueline Jove, Jane Kim and Brady Meyer

Hair and Makeup: Alyssa from Echo Salon ( Bar Harbor)

Cake: Mother of the Bride

Flowers: Bride and Family

Rentals: Wallace Tent

Wedding Dress: J.Crew

Bride’s Shoes: The Frye Company

Groom’s Suit: Balani Custom Clothiers

Karla and Marvin drove all the way from Texas to celebrate their 25th anniversary in Camden, Maine. We had a very small window to do some portraits, but they really wanted to capture their anniversary since they hadn’t had any photos taken together since their wedding day. We planned a session for the day before they headed home and crossed our fingers that the coming storm would hold off long enough. It did and I’m so glad! I loved hearing stories of how they met, the places they’ve lived and about their children.

Joel and I just recently celebrated our second anniversary and these two really got me thinking about what our life together might be like in 23 years! Thanks, Karla and Marvin. I hope the next 25 are just as wonderful!


A big thank you to Cedarholm Garden Bay Inn in Camden for allowing us to shoot on their beautiful property!


Originally, Alana and Steve planned to have an evening elopement, but they soon realized they’d get far too nervous if they had to sit around all day. Also, exploring York and Ogunquit as newlyweds for the rest of the day sounded pretty good to them, so they moved their elopement to the morning. Joel and I met them at Nubble Light and acted as witnesses in addition to photographing their vows. It was wonderful to play such important roles in their day! They even joked that we were officially family after we signed the marriage license.

After, we spent a short amount of time taking some portraits before we sent them on their merry way to celebrate! Here are some favorites from our brief time with them!

York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0002York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0003York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0004York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0005I loved the greens in Alana’s bouquet.York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0006York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0007York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0008York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0009York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0010York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0011York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0012I love a little laughter on the wedding day!York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0013York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0014York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0015York-Maine-wedding-photographer-0016

Location: Nubble Light

Photographer: Hailey Crabtree

Second Photographer: Joel Crabtree

Officiant: Julie Draper

Bouquet: Seed to Stem

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Groom’s Shirt (after he forgot his at home): Reny’s

Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0001My favorite part of my job is capturing the different emotions that occur on a wedding day. Kristie and Mason’s was so great to be a part of. Kristie is originally from Canada, but came to Maine to pursue her dream of becoming a dentist. Mason’s family hails from Chicago, but wound up in Maine as well, so their wedding day was a big reminder of how wonderful fate is.  There was lots of laughter, and there were happy tears cried by most of their family members and friends throughout the day. I even got choked up a few times watching Kristie and her twin sister, Katie, cry as she was zipped into her wedding dress, and later, when Kristie and Mason exchanged vows.

Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Kristie and Katie got ready at the Portland Regency Hotel & Spa in downtown Portland, while Mason and his best man, Pete, got ready at his sister’s house in Cumberland.

Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0002Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0003Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0004Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0005Katie was hilarious and kept us all laughing all day. She was so adorably excited for her twin!Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0068Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0067Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0006Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0007Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0008Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0009Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0010The tears were on and off all day, but they hit Kristie, Katie and their mom all at once when Kristie was in her dress.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0011A few deep breaths…Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0012Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0013Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0014Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0015Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0016Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0017Meanwhile, Joel was with the guys at Mason’s sister’s home. Their day started with the guys shining their shoes.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0018Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0019Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0020Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0021Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0022Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0023Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0024Our grooms have had some fantastic socks this year, and Mason didn’t disappoint.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0025Back with the girls, there were a few portraits and a first look with Kristie’s dad before we headed to the ceremony.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0026Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0027Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0028Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0029Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0030Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0031The next shot is one of my favorites from the day. On our way to the ceremony, Katie kept letting out little screams of excitement while the rest of us laughed. Here, she lo0ked at Kristie and said something along the lines of, “Don’t you just want to SCREEEEAM!?” Kristie responded with, ” no, I DOOOOOON’T!” Needless to say, we all got a good laugh out of that too. ♥Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0032The ceremony took place at the All Faiths Chapel on the Southern Maine Community College campus.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0033Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0034Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0035Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0036Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0037Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0038This next shot is my other favorite from the day. After the ceremony, Kristie and Mason had about 30 seconds alone before guests came outside and they went in for the sweetest embrace.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0039Hurricane Arthur forced Kristie and Mason to change a few plans for the day, but we were so lucky that the rain held off until right after we finished portraits of the two of them.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0040Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0041Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0042Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0043Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0044Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0045Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0046Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0047Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0048Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0049Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0050For the reception, Kristie and Mason held an intimate dinner at Saltwater Grille.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0051Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0052Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0053Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0054Willy the whale was an important part of the day. He had previously been worn by Kristie’s mother and her sister on their wedding days.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0055There was an emotional first dance, followed by some equally emotional parent dances.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0056Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0057Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0058Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0059Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0060Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0061And there were plenty of laughs as well.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0062Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0063The view from Saltwater Grille is gorgeous. At this point, Hurricane Arthur was dumping buckets of water outside, but it was nice and cozy inside.Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0064Portland-Maine-wedding-photographer-0065Joel and I also photographed a barbecue the following day to celebrate the newlyweds, so I thought I’d end with a couple of portraits we took before we left.


Getting Ready Locations: Portland Regency Hotel & Spa and Groom’s Sister’s Home

Ceremony Location: All Faiths Chapel, SMCC

Reception Location: Saltwater Grille

Officiant: Family Friend

Photographer: Hailey Crabtree

Second Photographer: Joel Crabtree

Flowers: Bloom’s Flower Shoppe

Cake: Friend of the Bride

Hair and Makeup: Head Games Salon for Hair & Body

Wedding Dress: Andrea’s Bridal

Maid of Honor’s Dress: Her Own

Groom’s Suit/ Best Man’s Suit: J. Crew